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About the Company

Smile Vun Group (SVG), a digital media conglomerate, is a joint venture between Manish Vij’s Vun Network and Harish Bahl’s Smile Group. SVG is an amalgamation of the best brains in the digital media space, innovating and creating avenues to monetize every touchpoint in this domain.
To be the largest Indian digital media conglomerate touching every component of the vast online world. A platform and a launchpad for successful and diverse careers in the internet domain.
Consistent innovation geared towards monetizing every corner of the digital world
Every employee at SVG lives and breathes SVG‘s brand values. We at SVG believe in:
  • Consistent Innovation

  • Client Success
  • Integrity

SVG Companies

SVG Media, a Smile Vun Group company is the Largest Indian Digital Marketing Platform with over 150 Million Unique Visitors. SVG Media previously known as Tyroo Digital Media Network started operations in 2006.

SVG Media’s operations are divided into four businesses:

  • DGM - India's leading Ad Network
  • Komli - India's leading Ad-tech Media Company
  • Seventynine - The In-App Ad Platform
  • Tyroo - World's Leading Mobile Marketing Platform

SVG Media houses leading Performance, Mobile, Social, Data Targeting and Rich Media businesses such as Tyroo, DGM, Seventynine and Komli. Through its four entities, SVG Media represents more than 70% of India’s Internet base.

The group works with almost every online commerce, mobile first and consumer brand in the region; driving reach and performance to them through it products such as Product Listing Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Dynamic Re-Targeting, Video and Native Ads and Social.


  • Prodigi - Leading Interactive Marketing Agency
    Squad - Largest Digital Agency in Africa, Squad is a joint venture between Quasar, SVG and Africa’s largest media group called Scan Group. Squad is an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency, that offers creative services, Information strategy and visual/technical designs.
Joint Ventures

India’s largest integrated digital media agency, Quasar Media was founded in 2005 by Smile Interactive Technology Group (SITG) now known as Smile Vun Group (SVG). Under SITG, Quasar became the largest digital marketing and web solutions company with powerful client list consisting of MakeMyTrip, Monster, Microsoft, Motorola, LG, Zapak, VISA etc

In 2008, WPP Digital acquired a 75% stake in the share capital of Quasar Media Private Limited (“Quasar”). Quasar is jointly owned and operated by WPP and SVG.

Quasar Media is the largest digital media and e-business services company in the country based in New Delhi, with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. Quasar provides services in digital media, creative, e-business solution, search marketing and optimization, mobile marketing, e-commerce, Social media, e-CRM, and others.

Incubations & Acquisitions

Komli Media – A SVG Media Company is Asia Pacific’s leading media ad-technology company with cross-device solutions across display, social, and video for marketers, agencies and publishers. Komli is building next-generation platforms that leverage the power of programmatic buying to make advertising across display, mobile and social simpler and transparent. Headquartered in Mumbai, Komli Media has 250 employees across 12 offices in India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. It is venture backed by leading investors such as Norwest Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Helion Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Peepul Capital.

Acquired in December 2014, by SVG Media, Networkplay Media Pvt. Ltd. is India’s fastest growing digital agency incubated in 2008 by Webchutney and funded by Capital18. With assets through alliances across various touch points, Networkplay today handles over 500 campaigns in a quarter and serves over 6 billion impressions per month across Web, DTH and Mobile platforms.  It has also successfully run properties of global repute in the areas of events (ad:tech and iMedia Summit)  and publishing (iMedia Connection) partnering with DMG events.


Seventynine, a SVG Media company is India’s premier In-App Ad Platform, enabling publishers the best in class monetization solutions, while offering advertisers deep reach and engagement with users. It’s mediation ready, thus allowing the publishers to maximize their ad revenue and yield via multiple ad sources. With its innovative ad formats like Zero-Buffer video, Rich Media, Interstitials, Native etc., Seventynine assures great user experience, stickiness and results.

Seventynine was incubated by SVG in February 2012 and was successfully sold to Gruner+Jahr, Europe’s leading magazine publisher in 2012 and later in December 2014 was acquired by SVG Media.

India's leading Digital Ad Network, DGM India was formed in the year 2007 as a subsidiary of Asia Digital Holdings Plc., a London Stock Exchange listed company. In April 2012, SVG Media (formerly known as Tyroo Media) acquired DGM’s India business along with its world-class proprietary technology. Currently, DGM is the largest acquisition channel for online travel businesses.

India's only travel search engine that covers small, medium travel agents and offers localized results. The business was created in 2006 by SITG with the aim of building internet assets and diversifying into newer business areas. Along with this another business called Zumtra was founded in 2006. Zumtra is a travel technology products and services company offering technology solutions for the Travel Industry. Currently, Zoomtra is being managed by DGM India.

SVG Board of Directors

Harish Bahl
Founder and Chairman

Harish is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded and built some of the leading e-commerce and digital media companies across Asia and other emerging markets. He is the founder of Smile Group, India-based Asian Internet Group, which has extensive holdings in the consumer internet and digital media space. As a business builder, he partners with the best entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and global companies to build digital companies from scratch, expand operations and increase their footprint by rolling out internationally. His portfolio also includes:

    • • International Partnerships: AirBnB (global rollout partnership), Ogilvy (partnership with Neo@Ogilvy), WPP (Joint Venture with WPP in Africa), Yahoo! (Joint Venture with Yahoo! in India)
    • • Digital Media: SVG Media - India's leading media digital company; SVG comprises of Tyroo, DGM, Precision Match, Quasar - a digital marketing agency (sold 75% stake to WPP), SQUAD - Africa’s largest digital marketing agency
    • • Social & Mobile Commerce: Juvalia - India's leading fashion jewelry brand
    • • E-commerce: FashionAndYou – India’s pioneer flash retail company
    • • Owned Omni-Channel Brands: FreeCultr – an apparel and lifestyle brand
Manish Vij
Founder and CEO
Manish Vij, is the Founder & CEO of SVG (Smile Vun Group). He is a veteran of the digital media industry and has over 12 years of experience in the internet domain. Manish has founded leading internet companies in areas of digital marketing and e-commerce with international joint ventures and leading venture capital firms. Manish’s entrepreneurial ventures include:
  • Quasar - A joint venture with WPP is an award winning and leading digital marketing agency in India
  • SVG Media – SVG Media, a Smile Vun Group company is the Largest Indian Digital Marketing Platform with over 150 Million Unique Visitors.
  • SeventyNine – Seventynine, a SVG Media company is India’s premier In-App Ad Platform, enabling publishers the best in class monetization solutions, while offering advertisers deep reach and engagement with users.
  •  India's leading online electronics and IT retailer that was funded by reputed venture capitalists (now sold to Flipkart)

Manish, an MBA in marketing is not only a pioneer in the internet marketing space but also one of the youngest dotcom entrepreneurs. Manish has represented the Indian digital industry in various domestic and international industry forums, events and seminars.


A walk through the formation of Smile Vun Group

Smile Interactive Technologies Group  (SITG) formally came into existence in early 2007 with the following brands under its umbrella: StudioSmile, Tyroo, Zoomtra, Zumtra and Quasar.
In 1999, Harish Bahl started Smile Multimedia along with his college mate, C.P. Singh. Smile Multimedia soon diversified into Internet solutions taking advantage of the dotcom boom. In 2000-2003, the Smile duo took this ‘lean’ period as an opportunity to find credible clientele and set up a strong team. GE, Sony, UN became some of the first companies to join them.


In 2004, Smile evolved from a services company to an e-solutions enterprise and ventured into internet marketing. Smile won several prestigious awards like Abbey and Effie for creating successful campaigns.

In 2005, Manish Vij joined SITG as a media specialist. Under his charge, media and creative were put as integrated businesses under the brand name Quasar. Quasar soon became India’s largest integrated digital media agency and  with Quasar, StudioSmile created its first major success story of building and sustaining a business.

In 2006, the focus of the group shifted to creating Internet assets, diversifying and expanding. Thus came into being 3 new enterprises:

Tyroo -
India's largest ad-network to have its own world-class self-serve technology. Today, it's one of the most robust ad networks with over 1200 publishers

India's only travel search engine that covers small, medium travel agents and offers localized results

Zumtra -
Travel Technology Products and Services Company offering technology solutions for the Travel Industry

With the three new ventures, Smile was more than a digital company. Mahendra Swaroop joined Smile with a larger perspective and a global vision of integrating the group and giving it a new identity.

In 2007, SITG was formally introduced and StudioSmile became an incubation program. The program was accelerated by exclusive fund allotment while, Tyroo signed a strategic partnership with Yahoo!


The SITG story continued with more zeal and fervour towards new milestones. It had a vision to be the largest digital company and create valuable digital assets.

In 2011, Harish Bhal’s Smile Group and Manish Vij’s Vun Network entered into a joint venture to create Smile Vun Group (SVG). SVG, a digital media company, was created to explore and seize opportunities that existed in the digital media space.


In line with its vision of building assets through its incubation program, SITG was merged with SVG in 2011. Smile Vun Group, currently The Largest Indian Digital Media Group, continues to strengthen its vision of owning and creating media assets under the direction of its strong leadership team headed by Manish Vij & Harish Bahl.


Corporate Headquarter